5 Fun ways to Practice Number Recognization

School's out and we are safe at home, but life hasn't stopped. Once kids get back into school they will still be expected to know the skills they were learning when they left, and let's be real... They will be expected to know more. Learning isn't on hold, but the learning doesn't have to be structured like the classroom. Thank the Lord! Here are some fun ways to practice number recognition, while having fun!

1. Form the numbers with


What kid doesn't like Play-Doh? Ellie loves Play-Doh, and it only comes out on special occasions. We will pull out flashcards for reference and Ellie tries to make the number she sees. Sometimes we will pick the number up and put it on top of the flashcard!

2. Go Fish!

Did you ever play the game Go Fish! as a kid? I found the one we are playing at Target. I got a fun little 5 pack of cards, that is perfect for family game night. The goal of Go Fish! is to get 4 of the same card. Ellie knows she should look at her cards and sort them according to number. Then we take turns saying "Do you have a ___?" If you have then number another player asks for you have to turn them all over, if not they reply with "Go Fish!". During this game, if Ellie doesn't know what number is written on the card I have her count the pictures on the card to figure it out.

3. Read a book

Have you heard of Poke-A-Dot books? My mother in laws blessed us with one. They are super obnoxious books in my opinion, but Ellie loves them. They have a book called 10 Little Monkey that is great for practicing number recognition. The numbers are written throughout the book so it provides a great opportunity for her to read along with me, and when she can't recognize a number there are dots to poke as she figures it out!

4. Find number in a Magazine

I don't know about you, but I have about 100 magazines laying around the house for no real reason. What better to do with that magazine than to give a kid a marker and say circle all the numbers you can find. If you are really feeling adventurous you can give them scissors and have them cut the numbers out. Once your little one has found all the numbers that they can find, have them sort the numbers. You could even have them put the numbers in order or in a pattern. The most important part of this learning adventure is to make sure that every time they look at or touch a number, they name it! This will help lock it in their little memories.

5. Bake some cookies

So now that we have practiced our numbers some, let's give your kiddo a big, important job! Go cook together and have them read the numbers off of the recipes. If you are a sugar cookie type of person you could even cut out and decorate number shaped cookies! I am not a sugar cookie type of person so we just let Ellie read the recipes and the numbers on the measuring cups.

If you are more of a worksheet type of person, or if you need activities for your child to do sitting at a table, checkout my downloadable worksheets!

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