Fall Bucket List

What would you like to do this fall? What is something that you have always wanted to do in the fall, but life gets in the way, and you always miss out? Think about it. Name a few things.

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Often a new season comes around, and we are filled with anticipation and excitement, but we don’t prioritize our bucket list. Our exciting ideas get pushed to the side because we are too busy, or we have more “important” things to do. This year we are changing that. It’s 2020; there has never been a better year to turn all of your ideas and priorities upside down!

To help us achieve our goal of enjoying the fall, we created a bucket list bucket! We all sat down and discussed different things that we would like to do this fall. And let me tell you, this was my favorite part of this process!

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Ellie surprised me with the things that she suggested that we do this fall. I expected her to say something like: eat candy, carve a pumpkin, go trick-or-treating. But she didn’t! Ellie suggested, “We can be kind to people. And we should clean my room, and give some of my toys to girls that don’t have enough toys. We should decorate the house,” (This one has already been done, but I’m choosing not to let this one hurt my ego.) My heart was full listening to a four-year-old talk about the things we really should be taking time to do in every season of life, but especially during a season of thanks and giving.

After we made our list of things we didn’t want to miss this fall season, we headed to Micheal’s to grab supplies for our Bucket List bucket! We got a cute bucket (that will be reused for each season), popsicle sticks, and foam stickers.

Our next step was necessary for the way I wanted our bucket to work. I wanted Ellie to be able to pick a stick each day, and that is the activity we will do. I wanted this to be an exercise in flexibility and spontaneity. In order to do that, we removed any items on our list that only took place on a specific date. I moved all of those things to our family calendar. That way, we won’t forget them or miss them, but also Ellie won’t ever pick an item that is not available. There’s nothing worse than a kid getting excited about doing something just to be told, or sorry we have to wait until October 23 at 2 pm to do that.

Then I wrote out everything on popsicle sticks, and we divide the activities into three different categories. The categories we choose were Daytime activities, Evening or Weekend activities, and Food-Related Activities. We took each of those categories and assigned a color leaf to it. Each stick got a corresponding leaf attached. This is just another step in making sure we can do whatever Ellie pulls out of the bucket. It helps me be mentally prepared, haha! It also allows me to filter what it is that she chooses. If it’s rainy, I can make sure she chooses an indoor activity, or if we need to be out of the house, we can choose an outdoor activity!

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Ellies had so much fun putting all of this together, and I can’t wait to share all of our fall adventure with you! Follow us on social media, so you don’t miss a thing! And subscribe, so you stay up to date with all our latest blog posts!

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Without further to do, here is our fall bucket list!

  1. Go Apple Picking

  2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

  3. Jump in Leaves

  4. Go on a Hayride

  5. Visit a Corn Maze

  6. Drink PSL

  7. Bake a Pie

  8. Watch a local Football Game

  9. Go on a Nature Walk

  10. Eat a Caramel Apple (Maybe make them!)

  11. Drink Apple Cider

  12. Try a new Pumpkin Recipe.

  13. Roast Marshmallows

  14. Play Football

  15. Watch Hocus Pocus

  16. Carve a Pumpkin

  17. Do a Leaf Craft

  18. Bake cookies

  19. Try a new S’ mores Recipies

  20. Go Stargazing

  21. Bake Pumpkin Bread

  22. Make Chilli

  23. Make Hot Cocoa

  24. Give Thanks

  25. Go on a Scenic Drive

  26. Tell Ghost Stories

  27. Watch the sunset

  28. Watch the sunrise

  29. Go on a picnic

  30. Random acts of kindness

  31. Donate Toys and Clothes

  32. Wear fuzzy socks

  33. Try a New Apple Recipe

  34. Try a New Pumpkin Recipe

  35. DIY Fleece Blanket

  36. Read a Book Outside

  37. Make Caramel Corn

  38. Go to the Drive-In

  39. Create a Gratitude Journal

  40. Make a Spooky Playlist

  41. Make a Halloween Costume

  42. Make Cinnamon Rolls

  43. Create a Fall Outfit from a Thrift Store

  44. Try Horseback Riding

10 More Events in Florida!

  1. Seal Swim School’s Fall Fun Festival

  2. Sensory-Friendly Halloween Spree at the Glazer Children’s Museum(There is also a non-sensory-friendly option!)

  3. Halloween Hunt and Boat Parade at the Tampa River Walk

  4. Haunted Tour with Pirate Water Taxi

  5. ZooTampa’s Halloween Event

  6. Hay Rides, Duck Races, and Vendor’s at Sweet Feild Farm

  7. The Biggest corn maze in Hernando County at Harvest Moon

  8. More corn mazes and duck races at Fox Squirrel Corn Maze

  9. Cow train, Live farm animals, and more at Harvest Hollar

  10. Live music, Hay maze, and Sunflowers at Dunnellon Pumpkin Patch

And the #1 thing you should not forget to do this fall, GO VOTE!

What is on your fall bucket list? Comment and let me know! Let's make this the best fall yet, by sharing our bucket list ideas! Comment below, and share this with a friend!

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