My Favorite Baby Products

My newsfeeds are full of pregnancy announcements! So I thought there is no better way to kick of MY FAVORITE THINGS than with baby stuff!!

During Ellie's first year, we went through so many transitions. We moved 3 times. We lived in two different states. I went from working 2 jobs to being a stay at home mom. I even did a short stint of time as a single mom. Being a new mom is tough for everyone, and everyone's experience is different. But as moms, we have to help each other out. So here are some of the things that I couldn't have lived without during our first year of craziness.

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10 Life-Saving Baby Products

  1. Bumbo Seat- This guy is so versatile! When Ellie was about 5 months old, it was just the two of us for a few weeks, and I would not have been able to make it without my Bumbo! Ellie would sit in this when she ate, and when she was done, I could throw it in the sink and rinse it off. And in the mornings, she would sit in the Bumbo in the shower with me. It was so helpful, keeping her near me and getting her clean and ready for the day while I was showering.

  2. Summer Vibrating Infant Seat - This was the only seat Ellie was happy to relax in, and the only one she would fall asleep in. I took this guy with me everywhere we went. If a grandparent was babysitting her, this seat came with us; if she came to work with me, it came with us. This seat by summer is super easy to fold, transport, and set up. It was used so much more than our very expensive mamaroo.

  3. Angel Care Baby Monitor - For the first 3 months of Ellie's life, we lived in a one-bedroom apartment. When we moved into a larger space, it seemed like the perfect time to transition Ellie to her own room. It turns out there is a lot of anxiety with moving a baby to their own room, and there is a lot of anxiety that comes with moving to a new place. I was a whole ball of anxiety, haha. This Angel Care monitor helped soothe most of that anxiety. It not only comes with a video monitor, but it also comes with pressure sensors. Even on nights when Ellie slept hard and never moved, I never had to worry about if she was breathing because the monitor would alert me if it didn't sense any movement. We only had the alarm go off one time while we had this monitor. When the alarm goes off, it is quite jarring, but I can tell you this: you will never have to worry about sleeping through the alarm if your monitor doesn't sense the baby moving.

  4. Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags - If you breastfeed, these are a must. When I went back to work, I had to pump whenever my schedule allowed, and cleaning all the parts was such a pain. But these bags made it simple and easy. I could even clean and sterilize my pump parts while I was at work!

  5. Baby K'tan Baby Wrap Carrier - I loved babywearing. I wore Ellie to church every week from the time she was two weeks old until she was over a year old. I wore her when I cleaned and did yard work. I wore her to football games and hockey games. I wore her everywhere. I used a couple of different carriers, and this was, by far, my favorite. It was super easy to use. I was easily able to get her in and out of this carrier by myself. I could even get her in and out while she was sleeping and not wake her up. If you want to carry older babies, I recommend the Boba Air.

  6. GB Travel System - This travel system is super versatile, which I loved! I could use it as a bassinet. Ellie could sit facing me or facing away. And if there was ever a time she fell asleep in her car seat, I could pop the car seat into the base!

  7. GB Jogging Stroller - Lightweight, easy to fold and transport, and super easy to maneuver! This stroller even has a locking front wheel, which made it perfect for Disney or a long-distance run. It even comes with an attachment so you can snap in the car seat!

  8. Bob Jogging Stroller - Once Ellie got a little heavier, we had put many miles on our GB stroller, so I wanted to switch to something that would last us even longer. She is 4 now, and this is still our go-to stroller for running and Disney World trips. It's a little heavier and not as easy to fold, but a great option for heavier children.

  9. Tommie Tippie Bottles - These bottles were great for us. I love all of the nipple options and accessories! Ellie had acid reflux as a baby, and as she got older, we added cereal to her bottles to help with the reflux. These were also super easy to clean, and it was the only brand I could find that the 'X' nipples didn't rip. You can also get these caps for transport and storage. They even have adapters so you can pump right into the bottles using most pumps!

  10. Sleeping Bag Swaddle - This was the best way for Ellie to sleep. With this swaddle, she was sleeping through the night in no time. The best part about this swaddle is that it is velcro! Easy on and easy off! You don't even have to master swaddling to comfort your baby!

Reading is Key

While you are buying things for baby, don't forget books! You can find our favorite books here!

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