The Tools you need to teach online

Are you looking to bring in some extra cash for the holiday season? Have you started thinking about what you will do with your time if we have another shutdown? Would you like to make up to $24 an hour from inside your home?

Using a whiteboard to teaching Math online. Props needed to teach English online.

You need to teach for VIPKid! I love teaching for VIPKid. One of my favorite parts about this job is that I have a steady income that I am earning right from my home, even if the entire country goes on lockdown. I also love the premade lessons that come with tips and tricks from other teachers! The hours are perfect for me as a stay at home, mom. I can teach either before Ellie wakes up or after she goes to bed. It leaves plenty of time for my attention to be completely on her during the day. Did I mention that I get to make my own schedule? And there are no maximum or minimum hours! Work as much as you want, when you want!

Is Getting Hired hard?

Getting Starting with VIPKid is super easy. You have to be eligible to work in the U.S. or Canada. You must have a Bachelors Degree. You must be fluent in English. You also must have some experience working with children. This can include: babysitting, volunteering, tutoring, mentoring, or even parenting. You will also need reliable internet, a computer with a webcam, and headphones.

When you are ready to apply, click here, this will take you to create a log-in and begin the application. Once the application is completed, you will have two options. You can submit a prerecorded demo class or set up a live interview with someone on China's hiring team. I highly recommend doing the Demo class. Once completed, you will have a mock class with a current VIPKid teacher, also known as a Mock Class Mentor. This is the most valuable part of the hiring process. During this 25 minutes mock class, your mentor will assess the class and coach you on teaching the lesson. If you would like more information about the application process, please leave a comment on this post! And if you would like me to coach you through the hiring process, be sure to use this link to apply!

What Do I Need to Teach Online?

You may be wondering what supplies you really need to teach English online. I have played around with my teaching style a good bit over the last year. I decided what tools I needed and how I wanted to use them. After trying out many things, here are the tools I regularly use when teaching.

  1. Rubber Ducks- These guys are so versatile. I use them for teaching colors and numbers. I also use them for teaching ordinal numbers, adverbs, prepositions... the possibilities are endless.

  2. Expo Markers- I use these every class. I have multiple colors. This is important for showing pointing out differences in words, sentence frames, and pronunciations. Aztec Markers is another brand highly recommended by VIPKid teachers.

  3. Mr. Potato Head- Mr. Potato head is so much fun in class! He is great at rewarding younger kids. He is also great for teaching emotions, body parts, senses, and colors.

  4. White Board - The most important thing about your whiteboard is that it should have a handle. This makes holding the whiteboard while teaching so much easier. Want to know the secret to keeping a clean whiteboard? Magic Erasers! I clean my whiteboard with Magic Erasers weekly, and it looks brand new. And if you homeschool, this whiteboard can serve double duty! See how we use our whiteboard for homeschooling here!

  5. Letters- Whether you are teaching the alphabet or irregular verbs, having magnetic can be used for any age. I particularly like using them when teaching word families. It makes from 'fake' to 'make' to 'bake' easier and more entertaining than simply writing out the words on the screen or a whiteboard.

  6. Printer- I highly recommend having a printer for any flashcards, charts, or learning tools you may want to use. My most used printable has been a simple verb chart. I laminated my chart so that I can use it for all my classes. A printer comes in very handy for our homeschooling too! Check out my free printables at the end of this post, that we use for homeschooling!

  7. Laminator and pouches- You should laminate all your printables. It makes them more durable, and it allows you to write on them with Expo markers. We want all of your printables to last as long as possible.

  8. Logitech H390 Headphones- Headphones are required for the job. When I first got started with VIPKid, I bought some really cheap headphones from Wal-Mart. They didn't last very long before they just stopped working. I was in a zoom meeting with other VIPKid teachers shortly after I began teaching, and the host of the meeting apologized for her rowdy kids (and I couldn't hear them). Her audio sounded amazing, and I was so amazed that I couldn't hear her kids that I immediately went and bought these. I've been using them for almost a year now, and they work perfectly! Keep in mind that these are USB headphones. If you have a newer MacBook, you will need an adaptor.

  9. Ring Light- Good lighting is a must for teaching online. You can accomplish this with lamps that you already have around your house. One of the things I love about this job is you can do it absolutely anywhere, even when you are traveling. That is why I got a ring light! Traveling with a ring light makes lighting super simple when you are out on the road!

Having a steady income that allows me to stay at home with my daughter is very important. VIPKid allows me to do that! And it has provided steady word through uncertain times. Whether you are looking for a little extra cash or a full income, VIPKid can be that for you. I love that I can make my own schedule, and it doesn't take time away from my family.

If you are ready to apply, click here!

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